Where Does The Inventory Come From

People often ask where the product we sell comes from. We share that when we can, but in some instances we are bound not to disclose the retailer or manufacturer from whom the product was sourced. Many thriving companies don’t want their names associated with any form of a liquidation company. However, we can say that the product we have for sale comes from a wide variety of sources. Some are small to mid-sized manufacturers who utilize our services to liquidate their returns and/or overstocks. Others are the national and multinational retailers most all of us know. Some inventory is overstocks and some are returns; and even among returns there are store level and dot com returns. The product we sell comes from so many different players in the retail supply chain that answering the question, “where does it all come from?” is never an easy task, even when we are free to disclose. For those buyers whose reason for asking stems from a desire to only purchase inventory from certain sources, we do offer programs to accommodate those needs.

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