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Who Are Our Buyers

Our buyers vary widely in their needs and areas of focus.  Many of our buyers are small one and/or brick and mortar retailers needing a wide variety of freight categories to support their forward sales.  Other buyers purchase truckloads and/or container loads of inventory to export out of the country.  Still others purchase to support charitable organizations providing emergency services throughout the United States and beyond.  Whatever your area of focus, if you have an interest in purchasing wholesale inventory at volume, we would love to talk with you.

Options For Buying

Inventory Tool

We have developed a proprietary inventory management system that will allow you to see our available inventory and schedule that load to be delivered directly to your facility.

This tool should be available for use within the next few weeks.

Dedicated Sales Rep

If you fill out a contact form we will assign you a dedicated sales representative and they can assist you in purchasing freight.

To get started click here to fill out a contact form.

You can also choose to call us at 925-215-0423

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preview the pallets before purchase?

Currently we have a location in Sacramento, CA and Woodland, CA that you can preview pallets/truckloads before purchasing, however we can provide truckloads of inventory directly from the vendor anywhere in the United States.

Are you able to ship to locations outside of California?

We have logistical capabilities to ship to anywhere in the United States and even in some cases abroad.

Do I need a business license to purchase from you?

You do not need to have a business license to purchase from us, we are open to wholesaling to the public.

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