Other Opportunities To Purchase Products

Other Opportunities To Purchase

Not everyone has the need, or the ability, to purchase inventory in large quantities sold through The Wholesale Group.  For buyers looking for fewer items, or perhaps for more specialized items, the RL Liquidators family of businesses have a number of excellent opportunities.  


BidRL.com is an online auction marketplace with a twist, they don't ship.  Anything won from auctions on this site, must be picked up in person.  Fortunately, there are quite a number of locations to purchase from, so there’s a good chance you can find one near you.  BidRL.com is an excellent option for getting some exciting deals on valuable inventory, purchasing items one at a time.  

See all of our BidRL Locations by clicking here.

That's Cheap!

That’s Cheap! is a brick and mortar discount retail chain.  They carry a wide variety of inventory from clothing to household appliances, to baby items, food, cleaning supplies and the list goes on. That’s Cheap! also sells a great deal of furniture and it’s all at great prices.  

See all of our That's Cheap! locations by clicking here.

Falling Prices

Falling Prices is a bin store where everything in the store is the same price and that price falls every day until everything in the store sells.  Prices start on Tuesdays at $6.00, then fall to $4.00 on Wednesdays, $2.00 on Thursday, $1.00 on Fridays and $0.25 of Saturdays.  The store closes Sunday and Monday to restock and starts all over again each Tuesday.  Customers love the treasure hunt aspect of these stores and they are wildly popular.  A Falling Prices app allows customers to line up to get into a store virtually before the store opens, ensuring they are among the first to be let in.

See all of our Falling Prices locations by clicking here.

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